Simplify your life with software.

Using software effectively can unlock remarkable value both personally and professionally. But rarely is it as simple as 'find software and apply in my context'.

Deciding which software to use is a major hurdle. 

There are so many options and every software has its own learning curve. I'm compiling a set of resources to help you make decisions on the best software for you.

Getting proficient quickly is another challenge for most users. 

I'm building a series of courses to help you learn the fundamentals of my favourite software packages and reduce your learning curve. No more wasting time on YouTube trying to find the best tutorials. 


Building a resource bank to help you decide which software you should use.

"photo-realistic long shot illustration of a man, looking at a cross-roads sign thinking about his next step with good natural light"


Learn how to use foundational software programs to minimise friction in your workflows and unlock your potential.

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Find order in the chaos of your organisation. Go beyond software to map out your business processes and improve your operations.

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