Stop wasting time on endless YouTube tutorials

YouTube tutorials are a great resource, but I'm sure that you've found them to be unstructured and repetitive. Even in the tutorials that I've produced there is significant overlap, and often times people are left wondering where to begin. 

Well search no more. I'm on a mission to package the fundamental concepts of some key software packages that will help you wherever you are in your career.

Use the buttons below to indicate which courses you're most interested in so that I can prioritise the development.

Basic software literacy for everyone

8020 Spreadsheets

The starting point of any professional career

8020 PowerPoint

Powerpoint can be a quick and powerful visual communication tool with the right approach. 

Information and database management

Logseq Mastery

Note-taking and information management for the ADHD brain.


Unlock Tana

A new way of managing information across your personal and professional lifes

Unlock Airtable

Learning how to use databases effectively is a powerful enabler for any business. Build your own custom applications for a fraction of the price of other tools.